Friday, November 19, 2010


Ray and I usually go to the grocery store on Friday nights. It is funny because we consider this a "date night" and we love roaming different stores and looking around. Sometimes we might take one of the kids with us to spend some one on one time with them and keep updated on their life and get a chance to talk to them without the siblings around. Tonight was Raymond's turn because the girls were off babysitting. We can not go anywhere with him without running into someone he knows. Tonight was no different. We were shopping at Smith's and he saw a family out of the corner of his eye. He gets a little nervous and quiet...anxiously waits for them to say "hi" or start a conversation with him. More often than not...a hug or two is involved. This sweet lady is the sister of one of the school aids that works with Raymond. I wish so badly I would have asked her name. I started a small brief conversation with her and she had tears well up in her eyes as she talked about my son. She said to me "Did you know he is my Sparkle? That is what I call him...Sparkle" What a fitting name for him! I can't help but think about his wonderful smile, cute face, and tender heart. How lucky I am to be his mom. She went on to tell me that she gets to spend some time with him on the playground at school and how jealous she is that her sister Miss Tammy gets to spend the whole day with my sweet boy. It is amazing the impact that Raymond has had on so many people. Everyday I hear stories of how he has made a difference in someone's life. Most of the time it is about all the happiness and goodness that he has to share. Thanksgiving is next week and I am so thankful for MANY things. Tonight I was so happy and grateful to hear the story of Sparkle.