Friday, April 1, 2011

Our ball player #18

Kaitlin has loved to play softball since she was little. She has always been such a tomboy and would play football if I would let her. She tried out for the Freshman/Sophomore team this year and made the team! She has played city league ball and was on an accelerated team and participated in the BYU softball camp. However...she has always dreamed about playing high school ball. Her try-out number was #54. She made the first cut and on the second day she was anxiously waiting for the coach to post the results on the softball athletic webpage. We just couldn't wait anymore...we hopped in the van and ran over to the school to see if it was posted on the door. She jumped out of the van and begged me to come with her. She ran up the stairs and saw her number on the door and she started crying. She was so excited! Ray was stuck in the car and didn't know what to think because I was hugging her and she was sobbing and he still wasn't sure she had made the team. We gave him the "thumbs up" and she ran towards him for a huge hug. All of her dreams were coming true.

Spring ball is tough because of the weather and so many games have been cancelled and rescheduled. She had a double header yesterday and they lost the first game and won the second. When she was younger she loved to play catcher. The last couple of years she has really liked to play 1st and 3rd base. She wasn't sure what to expect this year and she has always had a willingness to play where the coach wants to put her. She feels like she should be flexible that way and she just wants to play no matter what position the coaches want her in. The first game they played in the season she was the designated hitter. The second game she played right field. Outfield has never been her favorite place to play because when you are in city league you don't see very much action out that way and she thinks it is boring. She didn't complain about being in the outfield this time around and I was so proud of her. Yesterday she was put in to play short stop. She has never played that position before in a game. Holy Cow!!! I think we have found a great spot for her. She played amazing and her coach and the other parents were all so impressed with her. What a great boost for her confidence...the coach and her teammates were still talking about it with her today. After we got home from the game she quietly told me that she was pretty nervous about being put in that position in such an important game. She actually said that in her mind she was wishing to be in the outfield again. Too funny! It didn't take her long to feel comfortable playing short stop and we were so excited to watch her play! Now if we could just get her to feel more confident when she is up to bat. She has so much upper body strength and I know that she could smack the heck out of the ball! I absolutely love the coaches at the high school. They are wonderful and have been so good while working with her. They just have a great way of working with the girls. They are tough on them and expect so much from them but in the long run it will just make them better ball players. I can't wait to see how this team progresses over the season.

I look forward to each and every game. There is nothing better than being out in the sunshine and the smell of spring in the air. I love the sound of the bat hitting the ball! I love cheering on our team! I love this time of year with my family!

Always, Always, your child's biggest fan!

Thursday, March 31, 2011 it is forgotten

I seem to have "misplaced" March somehow...if you know what happened to it...please let me know =]

The kids are busy with activities and are so fun at this age. Jessica will be 17 this year, Kaitlin will be 15, and Raymond will be 12. I can't hardly believe it. You blink and then so much time has gone by. I need to start writing things down before so many memories are forgotten. One of my goals this year is more blogging so that I have a record of my family and the amazing team that we have created together.