Thursday, April 8, 2010

One good thing

So I have decided that one good thing will come out of my injury. I try to find the good and positive in all things. While I am recovering I am going to work on my blog and add some of the pictures that I have been wanting to add. I am also hoping to get some crafting done during the process as well. I was looking at so many pictures of the kids and I just started cracking up when I saw this one. This is Raymond's attempt to stick out his tongue for the camera. Let me tell takes alot of thought and concentration to get this face. He really has to think about it :)
Note to self:
Time to remove the date stamp from the camera before taking more
The date on Jessica's picture on the side is totally wrong...that picture is not 2 years is much more recent than that :)


  1. You crack me up! I love the date stamp! LOL Hang in there and I love the pictures too. Your blog is looking great!

  2. Loving the bloging idea! Miss ya!